Sunday revelations

Sunday revelations Sunday revelations Sunday revelations

It’s not always that a case of the blues can inspire.

Every piece we find and discover is often by chance. Typically joining our family in that single moment when we choose to do a double take. When something about a dreary discarded item commands our attention despite our best laid plans. I had my sunday to-do set in play. I was working on a glue-up for a chair that was long overdue and after I was set to design a lamp. Yet as I tightened the last clamp, the gables chair passive aggressively sat in the corner.

You see, the gables chair was brought to me to upcycle. I didn’t choose it. Perhaps that is why I had been putting it off. Yes, i didn’t deny there was something about it that made it stand out from the crowd. Perhaps it was this characteristic that made me sympathize with it. Anyone who really knows me, knows that I cherish that in both people and objects. When something is subtly yet undeniably distinct.

And so I could ignore it no longer. The lamp design would have to wait. Sand paper to edge, I worked my way through the layers of the gables chair. That’s when I remembered why I love to do this. It truly is the process that i’m addicted to. With every pass of sandpaper, I uncovered a new secret from the previous life of this chair.

I stood there–well, kneeled there to be more precise. You see the sun-faded, sickly yellow color that I had been staring at for weeks was just a disguise. The chair in fact had been blue before!

This reminded me why i choose to save these items and give them a new life. Every item that is thrown away has life-earned experience and value that shouldn’t be forgotten. It’s a beautiful thing to get to the bottom of a something and see it’s true authentic self. It is this authenticity that we offer you to make part of your home.


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