D.eco Upcycling Competition

D.eco Upcycling Competition D.eco Upcycling Competition

“When the only option is a Dumpster, everything looks like trash,”–Brett Chamberlin

We challenge you to gain a different perspective and see how you can turn ‘trash’ into something great. On August 24th, we launched the call for entries for D.eco Sustainability Competition, in partnership with AIGA Miami. D.eco is a sustainability competition whose goal is to use waste and upcycle it into a product that is both beautiful and purposeful.


The launch was held at the beautiful Betsy Hotel . It was exciting to see a very diverse crowd show up, all united in their interest on how to make Miami a more sustainable city. Professionals and students varying industries were all eager to learn more about meeting our challenge. We now invite you to join the movement in creating a more sustainable future for Miami. For more information visit AIGA Miami here and to apply click here.


Photos by Laura Garcia


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