In the Round

In the Round In the Round

Reviving a discovery The journey of a concept seated in the imagination to existence is unpredictable. But once you experience bringing an idea to fruition, it is a journey you’ll always be willing to take. Piles and piles of discarded wood lay at my feet. The colors, grains and textures…

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Sunday revelations

Sunday revelations Sunday revelations Sunday revelations

It’s not always that a case of the blues can inspire. Every piece we find and discover is often by chance. Typically joining our family in that single moment when we choose to do a double take. When something about a dreary discarded item commands our attention despite our best laid plans….

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“When the only option is a Dumpster, everything looks like trash,”–Brett Chamberlin We challenge you to gain a different perspective and see how you can turn ‘trash’ into something great. On August 24th, we launched the call for entries for Sustainability Competition, in…

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